What Students Said about the Course

The course was attended by Polish students, mainly (one German and one American took the course), and the course was taught in English.  Course enrollment was near capacity: over 25 students weekday, and over 15 on weekend. 

On the last day of class (for the weekday students), I administered a student evaluation for anonymous student feedback on what they liked, and didn’t like about the course.  My intention was to correct mistakes for the next time I would teach the course (it was the first time I ever taught the course — and it was the first time it was offered at the American Studies Center).

Student evaluations were very, very positive (everyone liked the website; I can’t recommend course websites highly enough for being a source of supplementary materials).  Here is a selection of what they said about the course.

“I absolutely loved this course.  It’s the first time I was able to exploit my area of interest in national and international security matters in such a way… The reading was superb and finely chosen… I may be biased, because I’m fairly knowledgeable in the field, but I have to say that it’s the best course I’ve attended yet and I haven’t had that much fun in any other class.”

“Every topic of the class was interesting!”

“The internet site is a great idea.”

“I found out a lot about the origins of 9/11 which I had no clue about before.”

“I did enjoy all visual materials and the fact that this class was ‘different’ (in a positive sense) from all the others… the course has definitely improved my knowledge about 9/11 and its different aspects.”

“The course provoked me to think of the 9/11 in different perspectives, social, military, etc…. I found it pretty disappointing that there was so little time devoted to the conspiracy theories.”

“For real, this was one of my favorite courses in this semester.”

“The information and readings were really interesting, informative, well-prepared and thought-provoking.”

“I did enjoy this course… it definitely broaden my knowledge about the situation that in a way was a cause of the attacks.  Thanks to documentary film that we were watching about several issues regarding the case of 9/11 I was convinced to search deeper into the topic.  The assignments also encouraged me to read more about wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“[I liked] lectures and how they were structured; integration of video clips and presentation… choice of material shown in class and how it corresponded to assigned readings.”

“To be honest, I enjoyed the whole course, especially the parts when the instructors delivered their lectures… at first I was afraid I would be lost here but everything was clearly stated and ‘student friendly.'”

“I very much liked the clear explanation.  Issues which I previously considered difficult appeared suddenly to be simple.  I loved the multimedia, most of the readings were like a good crime story.  The approach was very student-friendly and encouraging to further studies… this was definitely one of the best courses I took part in in this institute.”

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