FBI “Slow” to Update Terror Suspect Watch List Containing over 1 Million Names

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2009 at 9:43 am

Over one million names on the terror suspect watch list, and the FBI is accused of being slow to update it:

A report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General, Glenn Fine, found that 12 terror suspects who were either not watchlisted or were slow to be added to the list may have traveled into or out of the United States during the period when they were not placed on the list. Auditors also found significant delays in taking people off the list once they were no longer considered suspects. The watchlist, which is used to screen people entering the U.S. and by local law enforcement, contains more than 1.1 million names.

In some instances, people with names matching subjects who were not watchlisted — or who were not put on the list in a timely fashion — attempted to cross U.S. borders during the period their names were not placed on the list, according to the report. “The failure to place appropriate individuals on the watchlist, or the failure to place them on the watchlist in a timely manner, increases the risk that these individuals are able to enter and move freely about the country,” the report concluded.

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